Crocheted Scarf {Free Pattern}

Now that the weather is starting to cool, I have been enjoying a spot of crocheting. It is so relaxing to sit with some yarn in front of the TV at night. I have designed and made a scarf using some gorgeous BC Garn Baby Alpaca Yarn from Suzy Hausfrau Yarn Store. The supersoft, lightweight yarn was perfect for the lacy design, it drapes beautifully, and  is very warm. The skein is a generous 500 m (547 yards) which is ideal for a scarf and is available in a wonderful range of colours.

If you would like to make your own scarf, I have included the instructions below. The free scarf pattern has been named the Maureen Scarf after my sweet Mum who is a fantastic crocheter and lover of yarn. The pattern is very easy and repetitive, perfect for crocheting on the go or in front of the TV.

Maureen Scarf Pattern by Lisa Cox

Yarn:  BC Garn Baby Alpaca 
Hook:  3.00 mm
Dimensions:  15cm wide (6 inches) x 160 cm  (63 inches)  in length
Rows: 178

UK Version
Chain 52 (or 44 for a narrower scarf)

Row 13 tr into 8th ch from hook, ch 2, 3 tr into same ch as previous 3 tr, ch 1, miss 3 ch, 1 tr into next ch, *ch 1, miss 3 ch, 3 tr into next ch, ch 2, 3 tr into same ch as previous 3 tr, ch 1, miss 3 ch, 1 tr into next ch. Repeat from * until end. 

Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as 1 tr plus 1 ch), miss 1 ch and 3 tr, and 3 tr into first 2 ch space, ch 2, 3 tr into same ch space, **ch 1, miss 1 ch, 1 tr into tr below, ch 1, 3 tr into 2 ch space, ch 2, 3 tr into same ch space, ch 1, 1 tr into tr. Repeat from ** until end, ending with last tr in 3rd chain of turning ch. 
Rows 3 +: Repeat Row 2 until the scarf reaches the desired length

US Version
Chain 52 (or 44 for a narrower scarf)

Row 1: 3 dc into 8th ch from hook, ch 2, 3 dc into same ch as previous 3 dc, ch 1, miss 3 ch, 1 dc into next ch, *ch 1, miss 3 ch, 3 dc into next ch, ch 2, 3 dc into same ch as previous 3 dc, ch 1, miss 3 ch, 1 dc into next ch. Repeat from * until end. 
Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as 1 dc plus 1 ch), miss 1 ch and 3 dc,  and 3 dc into first 2 ch space, ch 2, 3 dc into same ch space, **ch 1, miss 1 ch, dc into dc below, ch 1, 3 dc into 2 ch space, ch 2, 3 dc into same ch space, ch 1, 1 dc into dc. Repeat from ** until end, ending with last dc in 3rd chain of turning ch. 
Rows 3 +: Repeat Row 2 until the scarf reaches the desired length

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  1. says

    that cool! You know, WE have summer over here!
    enjoy your pretty scarf!
    can i please have a free pattern for something maybe ice blue???? should be here tomorrow!!!!!
    Many Greetings

  2. says

    Love the color it’s so light and pretty.
    That’s one of my favorite things about fall and winter tv time = crochet or knitting time.

  3. says

    thank you so much for your beautiful scarf pattern. it is perfect for the shawls we crochet at my parish — we are blessed to have a St. Peregrine Shrine where we provide comforting shawls for those afflicted with cancer and going through treatments. those who receive them are always so grateful! your name will be with me before i take that first stitch to start my next shawl. thank you for sharing so freely of your own handiwork and ideas.

    • Gail glass says

      I would like to make a shawl how do I work out how many chains to start with is it in multiples of ?
      Many thanks

      • A Spoonful of Sugar says

        Hi Gail – It would like great in a shawl! Add multiples of 8 chain to the existing pattern until you get the size you want (i.e. the foundation chain should be a multiple of 8, then add + 4 chain). Hope that makes sense. Happy crocheting … Lisa

  4. says

    Thank you for your free pattern. The scarf is lovely and light. I have been looking for some scarf and hat patterns to make for charity and this is just perfect. I will try to make the matching hat too. Once again, I thank you for sharing your patterns.


  5. Anonymous says

    It looks beautiful. I can’t wait to get some yarn and make one for myself/gifts. Thanks so much. Ginny in Alabama

  6. Anonymous says

    looks very nice can’t wait to try it, after the baby hats for the newborns at the hospital get done thanks for the pattern AuntyM

  7. Anonymous says

    It is a lovely patter !!
    but forgive my ignorance on crochet, but it looks to me that just one side is going to have that lovely ripple effect , am I right ? and if so can you please show both ends? thank you for sharing your work .

      • A Spoonful of Sugar says

        The end shown has a lovely scalloped edge. The other end (where you started) is straight. I can’t take a photo as this is an older project from 4-5 years ago. Have a lovely Easter.

  8. says

    This is a wonderful project, thank you for sharing the pattern! I’ve already started and it feels like it’s gonna build up really fast 🙂 Thanks again!

  9. Anonymous says


    I learned to crochet by watching my mom and aunt, but I don’t know how to crochet using instructions. Is there a youtube video for this?

    Thank you!

    • Eileen says

      tr means a triple crochet
      if you need help to learn how to do a triple let me know by email and I will walk you through the steps

    • Cherise says

      I really think so as well! Trying to get past the first row. I crochet all the time and understand patterns but don’t get how when I get to doing my last single dc (or triple) (i.e. not the 6 dcs in the one chain stitch), I am left with 3 chains left. This doesn’t make sense to me as I have counted perfectly and followed perfectly? At first I thought that I was short a chain so redid it but then it still doesn’t seem right and I still can’t seem to get to row 2!

      Argh!! Help!!!

  10. Anonymous says

    This scarf is beautiful and I am trying to make it. I have never crocheted using directions before, so bear with me. I am having trouble with the US version on row 2. I did good until it got to “and 3 dc into first 2 ch space”. It is confusing to me just where that is after the initial ch 4, miss 1 ch and 3 dc. Can you help?

  11. Anonymous says

    I am actually looking to begin crocheting. A total novice. A friend made me a simple infiniti scarf. No fancy stitches or anything and I am just looking to find out how to begin to make one and I can’t find a pattern that simple. Can you help me out. I am out of work because of seizures and I need a hobby desperately. Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

    Happy Holidays,


  12. says

    So pretty – thank you! And thank you for including US instructions. This would mae a pretty throw, too. maybe it could start, “Chain a few hundred…”

  13. says

    What weight yarn would be equivalent to the alpaca yarn? Baby yarn? I started the scarf and just realized i am using a size 9mm. Yikes its very loose!!! lol

  14. says

    HI Gals,
    I’m new to crochet and really like this scarf. In the directions for row 2 what does dc into dc below mean? I know dc is double crochet but am not clear what below means. Also Does miss 1 ch mean skip the next stitch?
    Thanks for your help.

  15. says

    Fabulous pattern,thank you so much. My New Years resolution is to give only handmade gifts next year. Have made a start on this for a relative. Might even make one for myself. A great way to use up my stash of yarns. Keep up the good work.

  16. Anonymous says

    This is a beautiful pattern. I plan to make it while I’m recovering from surgery. From reading the pattern it doesn’t look like both ends will have that pretty edge. Am I missing something? For those that said they don’t read patterns but know how to crochet you can youtube tutorials on reading patterns, etc. I found the easiest is to youtube the actual stitches in the pattern then it makes it easier to figure out what the patterns are telling you to do. Wishing everyone luck!

    • says

      I made it half the length I really wanted it and then flipped it over and started the pattern over on the other side of the starting chain. That way both ends have the pretty scalloped edge.

    • says

      I made it half the length I wanted it and then fastened off and flipped it over. I started the pattern over on the wrong side of the starting chain so that both ends have the pretty scallop. You don’t even notice the seam in the middle.

  17. says

    This is a great pattern! I finally found the project for my vacation!! But if you could answer me this: How many rows would you say you went to get it to the length you wanted, and about how long would that length happen to be? Thanks!

  18. says

    As I understand it the chains are the beginning row. Row 1 is then worked into the chain row and row two is worked into row 1′ not the base chains. Then row 2 is completed until the scarf is as long as you wish.

  19. says

    What a pretty pattern! I’m thinking about using maybe a sport/baby or light worsted weight yarn, and doing it width-wise as a prayer shawl.

  20. says

    This is a lovely scarf, and I am trying to make it for my best friend’s birthday. I say trying because this will be my first time reading a pattern. I know the terms, but found I am perplexed at the 2nd row… I was stumped on it for quite a while and out of frustration, I sort of winged it and it looks the same as the picture. However, I am 6 rows in and am finding that when I lay it flat the bottom curves slightly and makes the scarf go like this: \_/

    I was working on a rippled afghan not to long ago for a friend’s baby and it did the same… I got so bummed, I took it apart and just did a granny square blanket. I really would appreciate any advice on this problem. Maybe, if possible for you, you could do a video tutorial or pictures??

    Thank you!!!

  21. says

    I am always looking for simple but great crocheting/knitting patterns. I think everyone should try this one. It is really cool and simple. It’s light and looks kinda lacy. Thanks Spoonfulofsugar! I will be looking for more of your great work.

  22. says

    Love the pattern!…but, making it out of a soft cotton yarn. It’s for my
    Mom &, she’s allergic to everything but cotton & rayon. It’s looking pretty good. Oh, I also decreased the width another 8 chains, as I didn’t want it too wide.
    Thanks a lot!
    Joanie in Texas

  23. says

    OK, I’m adding a little goodie…I am proud of myself!☺️ I wanted both ends of the scarf to have the points….well, I did it! Just add the same pattern as going the opposite direction…and, wella!…you can’t tell the difference ….and, it looks Great! I got the idea from one of the other comments…straight on one end ….didn’t match. Soooo, I figured…just try…couldn’t hurt. Well, I’m Really glad I did. Looks so finished!
    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

  24. says

    Thanks for this great pattern! I’m making a scarf for my mom, and it’s such an elegant design, you’d never guess how easy it is to make.

  25. crystal says

    Thank you for the pattern. I am making it with Loops and Threads Woolike which is a super fine 1 yarn and a 4.00 mm hook. It is a very easy pattern to follow. It is turning out beautiful.

  26. A Spoonful of Sugar says

    Hi Cherise – sorry to hear of your frustration. I am not quite sure why you would have any chain left at the end of row one? I have checked the pattern and it is correct. Do you know anyone who crochets who could check it for you? Wish I could help.

    • Gail glass says

      Hi my name is Gail I ould like to ame a shawl with this lovely pattern is this pattern made in multiple of 8 eg do I just keep adding 8 stitches to make it wider. Very pretty pattern thank you
      Many thanks

      • A Spoonful of Sugar says

        Hi Gail – Sorry just answering all my emails – didn’t realise you had left an earlier comment. Yes – that is correct – add multiples of 8 stitches to the pattern to make it wider. Alternatively make sure the foundation chain is divisible by 8 and then add another 4. Lisa

  27. says

    This is a beautiful pattern however I’m a bit confused with the 2nd row directions. I have read the comments and there are many others who are having problems with this same row. Can anyone please explain it better.

    ( miss 1 ch and 3 dc), Is this made in the chain 4? and (3 dc into first 2 ch space) I don’t understand first 2 ch space. Where and what is it?

    I hope someone can help. It seems like there are many of you that understand this pattern so if one of you can please please take a minute to explain this I would be grateful.

  28. says

    This is a lovely pattern, I’ve made this scarf for a friend in winter 2013. I got a request from a friend/crocheteer to translate the pattern in Dutch. I will publish it today in a message about your scarf on my blog (, there’s a link back directly to this page included. If you have any problems with it please let my know.

  29. Donna says

    What a lovely pattern! You wouldn’t by any chance have a video, would you? I’m a newbie at crocheting and it really helps me to watch it being done, as I’m not yet familiar with all the abbreviations 🙂 Just had hand surgery in August but hoping my hand is strong enough to tackle this project for a Christmas gift 🙂

    • A Spoonful of Sugar says

      Thanks Donna! Sorry I don’t have a video of the technique. This is one of our older tutorials. Best wishes for a good recovery for you hand surgery!

      • Donna says

        Thank you for getting back to me…if you ever do another tutorial of this stitch, I would love to see it done on video. I’m a newbie at crocheting and knitting, and am also a very visual learner LOL. Thank you!

  30. Sarah says

    I love this pattern! What modifications do you recommend if I want it half as wide? I just need help with how many to chain in the beginning. Thank you!

  31. Carrie says

    I am making this scarf. It is beautiful. I have a question. Is one end of the scarf straight and the other with the zig zag?

    • A Spoonful of Sugar says

      I used a fingering weight yarn – BC Garn which was imported from Denmark. I am not sure of any US equivalents but you could ask at your local yarn store.

  32. Anita says

    Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern. I would like to try to adapt it to a cardi. Wish me luck! It is just beautiful.

  33. Keerti Mathur says

    Thanks for the beautiful and easy to make pattern… I followed the instructions and made one for my niece… It turned out to be very pretty. She loved it and was very eager to try it.

  34. says

    Really pretty and a perfect Christmas gift for sisters and friends. And a great project for a weekend away at this time of year’s longer darker evenings! Its so good to be reminded of past treasures on your wonderful blog. Thank you!

  35. Karen says

    Are there instructions on how to get the scalloped edge at the beginning? It looks like it is only going to have scalloped edge at one end. Thank you! I really love this pattern!

  36. Shana says

    Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this pattern! It was exactly the kind of lovely, lacey pattern I’ve been looking for!! 🙂

  37. Julie Ferguson says

    I love this pattern!!! Thanks for sharing :). I’m a beginner and found it easy to complete. I made it 8 chain narrower so mine only has 4 sets of shells across the width. I’d love to find a matching beanie/hat pattern! Has anyone managed to find one or make one? Cheers, Julie

  38. Cathy says

    Lovely pattern – I haven’t done crochet for years but I’m going to try it! I thought I might do half the length then rejoin to the beginning and work in the other direction, so the two ends match. Would that work?

  39. Jasmine says

    Thank you for this pattern. I just love it and made a scarf in almost the same colour for my daughter-in-law. I also worked the pattern on the straight side to have a scalloped edge on both ends.

  40. Terry says

    This is an elegant scarf; I plan to donate for abused women at a women’s shelter in New England. Thank you so much!

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