Kids Craft: Decorated Candles and Matches – Mothers Day Project

Emily asked me for some ideas for crafts for Mothers Day. One idea that can be easily adapted for kids is Decorated Candles and Matches.

Here are some candles I decorated last year for a project I was working on. Simply wrap the candles with strips of paper – you can use scrap booking paper, wrapping paper, pages from old books etc. Affix the paper with double sided tape, and tie a piece of ribbon around the middle. Kids could embellish the candles with all types of details – buttons, stickers, chip board accents – to put their own stamp on the project! Candles are relatively inexpensive if bought in bulk or on clearance if it is a group project.

Safety Tips – Ensure the recipient removes the paper before lighting the candle; remove the matches before giving the box to children to decorate.

The latest Marie Clarie Idees has a picture of some matches that have been decorated. Some citronella candles for outdoor use could be tied together for gift giving.

Martha Stewart also has some candle inspiration.

The gift can then be easily wrapped with plain shipping tags, kraft paper bags, paper doileys, and Japanese washi masking tape.

If you have any brilliant ideas for kids Mothers Day craft or have received a sweet gift from your child, please leave details in the comments or link to tutorials. I will do a follow-up post next week with all the ideas.

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    I need to get my nearly grown up children to check out this post to give them some money saving ideas, off course they would be using my supplies! Then they will probably give me a card they i have made myself.

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    These are great ideas Lisa. I love the candles especially. The chocolate chip cookie mix (all the dry ingredients) layered in a jar with the recipe wrapped around the outside of the jar is always a favourite around here! xo

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    The candles look really beautiful – what a lovely idea.

    Last year, our kindergarten got the kids to make a sweet papercraft gift. The children traced and beautifully decorated two cardboard hands, which were held together with a piece of ribbon the width of their armspan. One of the cutouts had a little “I love you this much” written on it. Definitely something sentimental to keep!

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    Such lovely treatments to dress up simple things! I like having a prettily covered match box handy–much more cheerful to look at, pick up, etc.! Thanks for always having so much fun here. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))

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    Wonful idea for mothers day gifts. I decorated wooden cigar boxes with scrap things last year with my day care childs and they loved it. I just stopped by with my latte an read every post I was missing and got lots of inspiration, thank you and have a great week Hugs Myriam

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    Great ideas as usual! Really love the doll sleeping bags in your last post, Sophie’s doll might want to go camping with her this year…

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