Charming Ornaments – Part 2 – How To

I had a few requests for the instructions for making your own Charming Ornaments. You can make up a batch fairly quickly.
Supplies for each ornament:

  • small piece of quilters cotton (I used red, lime, and pink)
  • fusible webbing such as vliesofix
  • white felt (I used the polyester variety although they would be nicer made up in wool felt)
  • 10 inch length of narrow white ribbon
  • one button (I used red, white, and lime)
  • fibrefill stuffing

Trace your shape onto a piece of fusible webbing (I used hearts and stars) and iron it onto the reverse side of your cotton fabric.

Cut out the shape, peel off the paper backing, and iron it onto a piece of felt that is at least 1 inch larger than the outside of the fabric shape. Cut another piece of felt that is the same size for the backing.

Position the top layer of felt with the fabric shape, on top of the backing felt and pin together. Sew around the fabric shape using a machine buttonhole stitch or zigzag stitch, leaving a gap of approx 1 inch. You will be sewing through two layers of felt.

Lightly stuff the shape through gap in between the two layers of felt.

  1. Stitch up the gap in the buttonhole stitching so the stuffing is secure.

  1. Cut out the shape, leaving approx 1/2 inch of felt around the fabric shape, using pinking shears.

Overlap the ends of the ribbon as shown in the picture and secure to the top of the shape. Sew a button over the stitching to secure the ribbon.

Hang the completed ornament on the tree; or attach to a Christmas present.

Simple Christmas Ornaments 2

Edit: November 2014 – You can find an updated version of this tutorial here.

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Posted by Lisa

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  1. says

    Great idea, excellent tutorial. Might have to file this one away for next year. My dance card is full this year already!

    Love this use for the Prints Charming scraps too – fantastic!

  2. says

    Oh I love the heart! Thanks for sharing the instructions. I’ve been looking in magazines for some simple but sweet patterns to make as gifts and now I have some. Kind regards, Anita

  3. says

    Thank you for the tutorial! When I read your first post about the ornaments I was hoping you’d share with us how to make them. They are adorable and look easy enough for even me to make :o)

  4. says

    Thanks Lisa. No way will i get the chance to make these this christmas but when i feel like playing with fabric later on i will have to make them and then they will be ready for next christmas.
    xx Linda

  5. says

    These ornaments are wonderfully fun, Lisa… Thank for sharing how to make these beauties with us for this Christmas holiday season! :o) Happy Weekend to you all there ((HUGS))

  6. says

    Lovely, quick and clever, thanks for sharing.

    I am having a blog giveaway at the moment, my new fabric collection samples. Maybe you might like to join in?

  7. says

    Oh, I absolutely love these! Do you mind if I make some with my youth group at Church? For fun-not money.Your blog is gorgeous…glad I found you.
    Love, Amanda x

  8. Dancin' Puffin says

    Hey Lisa and Sarah, long time no write, sorry! Been reading through your recent posts and it looks like you’ve been really busy making lots of lovely things. I love these decorations! Wishing you both a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy 2010 x

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