Pot Holder Pattern

We have had heaps of requests over the past couple of years for the Pot Holder Pattern (in a tutorial format) for our Heart Pot Holder. We finally got around to it, just in time for this years Valentines Day. We have modified the pot holder pattern slightly and have made it using some pretty Pirouette Fabrics from XO Gigi Fabrics. It will be perfect when baking some Valentine treats and throughout the year. The pattern features a little felt appliquéd heart.



Valentine Heart Mitt Template (Pdf file – download from here if you are having any trouble accessing google docs)

1. Cut the fabrics as follows:
Using the heart template cut
  • 2 hearts in Fabric 1 (red floral) for the front of the pot holder
  • 1 heart in Fabric 2 (pink damask) for the lining of the pot holder
  • 1 heart in Fabric 3 (polka dot) for the back of the pot holder
  • 2 heart in quilt batting. Cut one of these hearts in half as pictured below.
  • 1 heart in Insul-Bright batting
Using the small heart template cut
  • 1 heart in pink wool felt
Cut two rectangles, measuring 2 1/4 x 8 inches) from Fabric 4 for the binding on the front of the pot holder.

2. Press the two red hearts in half with the wrong sides facing. Place a piece of batting inside each red heart (using the batting heart that has been cut in half).

To create a binding strip, press the fabric rectangles in half lengthwise. Unfold, and fold the edges into the centre, and press. Fold in half so that you have a binding strip that measures 8 inches x 9/16 inch.

Pin the binding strip to the inside edges of the red hearts and stitch in place. Trim the ends of the binding strip.

Pin the felt heart in position. Stitch around the outside of the heart, 3 times in red cotton. Pull loose threads to the underside and tie off.

3. Position the red hearts on top of the pot holder lining, and pin in place. Stitch around the outside of the pot holder using a basting stitch and a scant seam allowance. Press.

4. Trace the quilting pattern onto the back of the pot holder using a water soluble pen. Pin the back of the pot holder to the insul bright and batting hearts.

Quilt the heart design on the pot holder back. Remove the water soluble pen markings.

5. Pin the pot holder back and front together with the right sides facing. Stitch around the outside of the pot holder leaving a 3 inch gap on on side for turning. Clip curves.

Turn the pot holder out the right way through the opening. Hand stitch the opening closed using a ladder stitch. Press.

6. Top stitch around the outside of the pot holder using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Press.

The heart pot holder pattern is suitable for beginner sewers and can be made in approximately 2 hours.

You can check out our original pot holder on our Valentines Pot Holder post.

Thanks to our lovely reader Kathryn Humes who drew up the template for us.

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  1. says

    This I really love. And am in need of a few in the kitchen and for my woodburner. Mite get round doing that after I did the girls dresses, with there leftovers 😀

  2. says

    Thanks for this tutorial. I’ve wanted to make heart potholders for ages but could only find ones with binding around the heart. I’m not keen on binding small fiddly objects so this one is a winner for me.

  3. says

    Tqvm for this comprehensive tutorial. I’l make this lovely pot holder for my craft gift exchange this chinese New Year. Warmest regard from Malaysia. I love your blog a lot. tqvm for being a great inspiration.

  4. says

    Thank you! What a well done tutorial! I found your blog through BadAss Quilters Society on Facebook. Now to see if I can beat the estimated time for completion!

  5. says

    Thank you so much!! Love the way it comes together! Made one today, and it is very sweet – almost too pretty to use 🙂 only problem I had was what seam allowance to use in step 5? I used 1/4 inch but it was possibly a little small given all the layers. Thanks for a quick satisfying project just in time for Valentine’s day. I found this through craftgossip.

  6. says

    thanks for this tute ! just what I was looking for ; I need potholders and this is adorable ! does it matter which way the insul brite goes ? I have some but not the paper that came with it ! thanks again !

  7. says

    Thanks for your amazing blog and this fun pattern. I love it and have made one and have 9 more in the process. I plan on giving them to a few of the teachers I work with and to a few of my dear friends. I wish I had time to make one for everyone I know. They are going to LOVE them. Thanks again! You have such wonderful posts and I enjoy following you!

  8. says

    Thank you for sharing this great tutorial. I made one with just two fabrics and it turned out very nice. If you plan it a little differently, you can end up with the opening on the inside I think and then your slip stitching won’t be noticeable. I say this because that’s usually the low point of any project I do. I’ll give mine to my daughter for Valentine’s Day. Thank you again!

  9. Linda says

    Love the potholder, but having problems downloading the pattern. Have you had anyone else having problems with this?

  10. larriclairequilty says

    My kids wanted more of these heart potholders like I made years ago. Thank goodness I don’t have to fight the binding this time. Thanks for this “recipe”.

  11. Linda says

    Hi..love the potholder, but can’t get the template to open so I can print it..just a blank! I don’t know what I am doing wrong!

  12. Brenda says

    I love this, too, but cannot open the template. When I try on iPad, it is blank and the title line says (Template 2.pdf) with a padlock symbol. I also tried to open it windows on my laptop, I signed into google, but the page was so large, it only showed 1/2 of the heart when i clicked on print preview. i could not get it to show the entire template even when i put it at 100% or even 50%. Sorry.

    • A Spoonful of Sugar says

      Sorry to hear about that Brenda – it works well from our end and we have tried it on a few different computers and it works well/ I will email it to you.

  13. Sharon Coyle says

    Could you email me the template. Iam planning on doing this for a homeschool project on Friday and don’t want to run into problems printing it. I read some of the post where others had problems. Also I am not familiar with the insul bright. Is it the Mylar poly or the needle punch? Thanks for your time and for the great idea. I think the girls will love it!!

    • A Spoonful of Sugar says

      Hi Sharon.

      How fun that you are teaching this to your homeschool children. The link is working perfectly well. I have also added the pdf file directly into the post (under the materials list) in case anyone is having trouble with the link to google docs.
      You can find more details on Insul Brite here:


  14. says


    We would love to use this fabulous tutorial on our blog – can we have your permission? All attributes and links go to a spoon full of sugar!


    • A Spoonful of Sugar says

      Hi Brittany – You are welcome to use one image from the post with a link to our site.

      regards Lisa

  15. Lyn says

    Hi. I love this pot holder and the tutorial is great only i don’t understand where the pink felt goes? It says pin into place but I’m not sure what to pin it to. I feel like i must be missing something because nobody else has asked about it. Am i just not getting it or is there something elusive about the pink felt?
    Thanks, lyn.

    • A Spoonful of Sugar says

      Hi Lyn – Sorry only just spotted your message. The pink felt heart is optional. If you look at the photo of the completed pot holder, you will see where to place it on the front. It is pinned tot he front of the pot holder, and then stitched in place. Hope that has clarified it for you! Happy sewing, Lisa

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