Mothers Day Gift Project: Restaurant Guide Folder

Organise your Take Away Menus and Discount Vouchers in this handy folder! We are often searching for our menus on a Friday night when we need a night off from cooking. This folder is quick to assemble and has made organising our Menus a snap!


A5 Two Ring Binder (with clear pocket insert on front cover and spine)

1 sheet of patterned A4 paper

2 sheets of co ordinating textured card

1 Bindermate Clear Case with zip

Using your computer and printer, print out a title for the front and spine of your binder. Also print out labels for the sections of your folder. I used “Menus” and “Vouchers” as my labels. You may choose to have a different section for each type of cuisine (Asian, Italian, Greek, Fast Food, cafes etc) – we are not that sophisticated and usually get Take Away pizza or Asian!

Next, mount your labels/titles on pieces of card. Then assemble a cover and spine insert using patterned paper and plain card, and your favourite scrapbooking techniques.

Next, cut a piece of A4 card in two, label it, and punch holes in it to make file dividers.

At the back of the folder, insert a clear plastic zippered sleeve. The Clear Case is a great way to store all those discount vouchers/coupons that come in the mail so you can find them when your need them.

These would make a great Mothers Day gift! You could team one with a gift voucher to your Mums favourite cafe or restaurant.Posted by Lisa

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  1. says

    I saw this idea at Kikki K too…but didn’t think of scrapping my own! Yours looks just gorgeous, and I love how you’ve personalised it to suit your tastes in take-away 🙂

  2. says

    wow,lisa! you are soooo super organised! you are gonna give Martha a run for her money. 😉

    i do wish i have your organising skills too.

  3. says

    I saw this project on One Pretty Thing and thought I’d pop over to read more about it. Thanks for sharing this great idea. I see there’s lots more to discover on your blog, so I’ve got quite a bit of reading to do.

  4. says

    would love to have a use for one of those folders but we practically never get to have takeaway…….one advantage/disadvantage of living out of town……..but having spent the weekend in a city I became the takeaway queen……..

  5. Charlie 'n' Lani says

    Where do you get this folder from before you add your designs to it?

    Where do you get the clear folder from?

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