Child’s Fleece Scarf

This easy, no-sew, cosy child’s fleece scarf is a great project to teach kids some simple sewing skills.  With its heart motif, it would be a fun Valentines  project for those that live in the Northern hemisphere. If you are sweltering like us, it might be best to leave it until the cooler weather 🙂

The scarf is made from a rectangle of thick polar fleece. It is a “no sew” project, as the warm polar fleece does not fray. Get the kids involved in decorating their scarf – by appliquéing a few simple felt shapes to each end – to make a “one of a kind” accessory.  This would be a perfect project to teach kids basic embroidery/sewing stitches such as a straight stitch, French knots, blanket stitch, and sewing on buttons.


·         Rectangle of polar fleece measuring approx. 6 x 63 inch (15 cm x 160 cm)

·         Small pieces of coloured felt in contrasting colours

·         Assorted buttons

·         Embroidery floss

Cut your polar fleece to size. Make a fringe at each end by making cuts that are 3 1/4 inch deep x 1/2 inch apart (8 cm deep, and 1 cm apart).

Decorate the scarf by appliquéing some felt shapes on each end. You could appliqué hearts (as shown), stars, circles, flowers etc.  We cut our felt hearts in three sizes, quickly and easily using our Accuquilt Go Baby. 

Cut your shapes out of the felt,  pin the felt shapes onto the scarf, and then stitch in place using two strands of embroidery floss and a basic embroidery stitch such as straight stitch, French knots, or buttonhole stitch.

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