Chopstick Wrappers

Our family love all things Asian  – and we have been lucky enough to travel as a family to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. We eat a lot of stir fry’s and Asian inspired meals, and we are all pretty handy with chopsticks!

Chopstick wrappers can be easily made from origami paper, and add a nice touch to an Asian inspired meal.

To make each chopstick wrapper you need 1 sheet of origami paper 6 x 6 inches.
Fold the sheet of paper in half. Open out and then fold both long edges into the midline and fold, so that the fold lines divide the paper into four columns.

Open out so that the wrong side is facing up.
On the top right hand corner, fold the corner over so that it is in line with the right fold line.
On the top left hand corner, fold the corner over so that it is in line with the middle fold line (Refer to photo)

Fold the right side into the midline.

Fold the left side over as photographed.

Inspired by  Zakka, a lovely book that I bought in Japan that has lots of origami packaging ideas.

You can find some lovely origami papers over at Crafty Japan.

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  1. says

    Perfect, Lisa, they are perfect!! I called my japanese husband to see this tutorial and he enjoyed it a lot too!!! Be sure I will make some chopstick wrappers to our next japanese dinner!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. says

    Hi girls,

    Great tutorial. Not sure if you were aware, but the origami paper designs you used here are actually very tradional Japanese family crest motifs 🙂 Very apt for a family dinner.

    I have some in store if you ever need to pick some extras up 😉


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