{Book Review} Washi Tape by Courtney Cerruti

Washi Tape

We are big lovers of washi tape and our collection of tape seems to be multiplying. There are so many wonderful designs and colours available and it is such a versatile craft supply that can add a lovely decorative element to so many projects. We have made a wide range of washi tape crafts. We jumped at the chance to review Washi Tape,  101+ Ideas for Paper Crafts, Book Arts, Fashion, Decorating, Entertaining, and Party Fun! by Courtney Cerruti.

Washi Tape has divided the projects into a number of categories – On Paper, On Glass and Ceramics, As Décor, As Fashion, For Celebrations, For Kids, For Every Day, In the Office. and Seasonal. Each section has a number of projects to inspire you. Each project is beautifully photographed and contains directions so you can make your own. The ideas are a great springboard for you to put your own creative slant into creating with washi tape. It is often used in gift wrapping and card making, but there are so many applications. You can use it to make a welcome mat, plant markers, nail art, wall switches and so many other varied ideas.

Washi Tape 1

Washi tape is a great craft supply that has so many uses. It is fun for kids and crafters of all levels. It is low tack so that you can easily remove it.

Washi Tape 2

Washi Tape also contains lots of handy tips for storage of your washi tape collection as well as techniques for its use. If you would like to see more of the book, check out the google preview at Booktopia. We recommend this book for washi tape lovers – it will inspire you to incorporate washi tape into many more projects.

Washi Tape is available from Can Do Books and Booktopia.

Book Details:

Format:  Paperback, 128 Pages

Publisher: Quarry Books

ISBN:  9781592539147

RRP:  $29.99

Disclaimer: Please note that we are not paid to write book reviews but we do receive a review copy of the book from publishers/distributors. All opinions are our own.

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  1. says

    I hear you on the washi tape obsession! I’m in the earlier stages of my collection but I too love finding more and more uses for them. This sounds like a great resource! Thanks for sharing!

    • A Spoonful of Sugar says

      You’re welcome Courtney! Love your book – so many ideas for my ever growing washi tape collection!

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