{Giveaway} The Kids Dressmaking Blog Hop with Lisa Lam

We are really excited to be part of the Kids Dressmaking Blog Hop with Lisa Lam. Lisa Lam, author of “The Bag Making Bible” and “A Bag for all Reasons” has turned her sewing talents to children’s clothing design and is set to launch two adorable pattern booklets – Happiness Halter Playsuit and Dance with Me Dress.  The patterns include full sized pull out pattern sheets and step by step photos, and are sized to fit children aged from 2 – 6 years. To be in the running to win a copy of these sweet patterns, enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post.

Lisa Lam Patterns

We had the opportunity to interview Lisa about her children’s clothing designs.

As a successful bag designer, what got you started in children’s clothing design?

My daughter Mabel (who happens to be the cover girl).  I think if you love craft it’s the most natural thing to want to make something for the ones you love.  Also I think shopping for young girls clothing  means being faced with far too much pink and overtly girly styling, not my cup of tea at all (hopefully it won’t be Mabel’s either, we’ll have to see!)

Where do you go for inspiration? What trends do you follow?

I honestly don’t follow trends (as such I’m never ‘on trend’ in my own clothing).  I’m aware of trends because that’s helpful for work, but I much prefer to be timeless.  For inspiration I like to look to the past, my Mum and I keep back issues of women’s magazines. My mum has a collection dating back to the 60’s.  They had fab DIY, cooking and clothes making features back then.  In many ways the classics back then are still the classics now.

Out of your patterns, what is your favourite design?

That’s easy.  I love the happiness halter playsuit most because I can imagine it would look as good on mummy as it does on daughter!​

Dance with Me Dress 1

Did your mother sew for you when you were a child?

Absolutely!​ All her kids looked cool and far out in our hand sewn flares and appliquéd pinafores.   She also knitted too and she’s the best cook I know!  Both Mum and Dad have DIY in their blood.

What type of fabrics do you like to use in your sewing?

I do love quilt cottons for their amazing prints, but I’m happy to use whatever fabric the occasion calls for.  I’m really into rough denim at the moment because I like the utility look; laminated cotton makes a very professional looking result.   I tend not to sew  with finer fabrics such as silk and satin simply because I don’t wear a lot of silk or satin!

What makes your patterns unique?

Two things – the use of colour photographs in the instructions.  Most patterns do not include photos (let alone colour ones).  The photos will help make life easier for dressmaking beginners, by making the text instructions less daunting.  The other thing is that I like to try to be very inclusive in my instruction writing, by that I mean that I don’t assume the reader has a certain level of skill.  For instance, where I have asked a reader to ‘gather a seam’ or ‘zigzag stitch a seam’ I have gone on and explained how to perform those techniques.  I like to write instructions as if I am explaining how to a friend.

What do you like to do for fun?

I love to dance( I’m one of those ‘first on the floor, last off’​ people), I hula hoop, I sing, play and try to introduce craft to Mabel, I zumba, I  sew, I cook, I read, I have a loud lime coloured bike I love to ride!

Playsuit 1

The Lisa Lam Sewing Patterns Collection is available now from the team at Stitch Craft Create.  Have a look at the schedule here to follow the blog hop!

Thanks to Stitch Craft Create, one lucky A Spoonful of Sugar reader will win a  print copy of each of the booklets – Happiness Halter Playsuit and Dance with Me Dress valued at £19.98 (approx AUD$36/USD $34).  To enter, log in to the rafflecopter giveaway box below and do as many of the giveaway steps as you wish. The giveaway is open worldwide and Stitch Craft Create will ship the prize to the winner. The giveaway is open until July 5, and the winner will be announced here on July 6, 2014.  The winner will be notified by email and will have a week to claim their prize. Good Luck!
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Edit: Congratulations to our lucky winner – Cherie B. We have sent you an email regarding your prize.

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  1. Jeannie says

    These patterns are adorable! My niece is having a baby and I will so be sewing for her! I loved sewing for my daughter when she was little.

  2. ruth says

    25 years ago I loved swing for my daughters, now it’s time to start sewing for my 2 year old granddaughter

  3. auschick says

    I love to make clothes for my 2 year old daughter, and as gifts for friends with newborns and toddlers!

  4. says

    I love the patterns….and I will have a new little girl to sew for any day now! So adorable! I finally get to sew for a little girl! Thanks for the chance!

  5. Jenny says

    These patterns are just what I was looking for. I have the most adorable grand-daughter to sew for and no. 2 on the way, thanks for the wonderful opportunity!

  6. Kathy E. says

    As I patiently wait for grandchildren, I enjoy sewing for 2 little girls at church who are always happy with new things!

  7. Pauline Perry says

    I am busy all the time sewing every day and I love it – I sew for my soon to be 5 grandchildren – #5 is due late July but have been sewing for her/him already – quilts and blankets. Tess in 9 and she loves everything I sew for her – dresses, nighties, pjs, shorts, doll clothes, coat, fox scarf, curtains, sleeping bag!!! Neve is 7 and she loves bling and dancing skirts. I make pjs and quilts for all of the children. Luke is 5.5 and he loves my pjs because I always have cars on the fabric and even some Ikea fabric with transport vehicles for his bedroom curtains, trains for his quilt. Bowen is 2 and I have made him newborn quilt and blankets (as I do for all grandchildren) a big boy bed quilt, sleeping sacs, toys, and I even appliqued a Hummer, cos his daddy has one, on a fleecy for him and he loves it.
    I also sew children and baby quilts for the Women’s shelter near my home. I have just finished making some aprons that were on their recent list of things they need. It is a way for me to say thank you for having 2 healthy wonderful daughters and healthy wonderful grandchildren and wonderful husbands.
    Absolutely LOVE your new little girl patterns and your model is so cute. Thanks for the chance to win a pattern.

  8. says

    Absolutely ADORABLE patterns! Congratulations on your transition from bags to children’s wear… PS your little covergirl is a cutie!

  9. Jo Jenson says

    Occasionally I make clothes for myself, but usually it’s for friend’s and family’s kids. I love Lisa’s new patterns.

  10. Tiloby says

    Love these, they’re sooo cute, don’t have children or nieces, just nephews so will have to borrow a friends daughter to make these for!

  11. Natalie F says

    I like to make clothing for my kids, sometimes myself, and of course – my daughters dolls. My daughter would look adorable in these outfits.

  12. Caroline Hannessen says

    I love to make little clothes for my miniature dachshund Flo. She’s a great model!

  13. Courtney B says

    I used to sew leg warmers for my barbies, and lots of ‘scarves’. I couldn’t cut or sew in a straight line so my mum would come and fix them after I went to bed.

  14. Alicia Cleland says

    I love that gorgeous denim ruffle at the top of the Happiness Halter Playsuit. And, how sweet are the names?! Brings a smile to my face :)

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