How To Freeze Chives

We have been freezing some of our herbs so they can be used in our winter cooking. So far we have frozen some Basil and Mint, and have been enjoying using them in a range of dishes. We have a big pot of garlic chives that we wanted to freeze next.

To freeze chives, simply cut a big bunch from the plant. Wash the chives well, and remove any damaged stems. Dry well on paper towel (kitchen towel).

Tie the bunch together with bakers twine and place into a ziploc bag. Roll the bag up to remove any excess air in the bag, and freeze.

When you are ready to use some chives, simply slice off what you need and return the rest to the freezer.

We like to use chives on pizza, in casserole and soups. It is great to have a supply on hand.

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