Paper Christmas Tree

We have been playing with Christmas patty pans (aka cupcake liners) at our place. We have mentioned previously our huge addiction to cupcake liners. We found the perfect red gingham liners for our Christmas baking, and discovered we had plenty of other patty pans in Christmas colours in our ever growing stash so it was time to put some of them to use! Inspired by the gorgeous Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Toppers from the Cake Blog, we created some Paper Christmas Trees.

After removing the bases of the cupcake liners, the pleated paper strips are perfect to wrap around a polystyrene cone to from a Christmas tree. With so many Christmas themed patty pans/cupcake liners available, it is fun to make some trees for the Christmas table. Best of all they are really quick to assemble (under an hour to make three trees) and we had all the supplies on hand.

You will need:

  • polystyrene cone (from craft stores)
  • patty pans/cupcake liners (approx 12 for each tree)
  • sequin pins

You just pin each layer, starting at the bottom. The bottom layers will need two strips, then just cut strips to fit. Each layer overlaps the one below it by approx 1/4 inch to cover the pins. When you get to the top, you cut a complete patty pan in half. Fold that in half again so you have a quarter  Bend each side around to form a mini cone shape,  pop that on top, and secure with pins ( you could use tape to hold the top together if you prefer). This gives it a nice pointy tip.

Next year we can easily replace the patty pans with something else. One of the polystyrene cones was repurposed from our button tree from a previous year.
We might try the baking paper garland from On a Whim next. Check out the colourful and fun Cupcake Liner Trees at The 36th Avenue.
For more Cupcake Liner inspiration, check out our Cupcake Liner Crafts Pinterest Board.
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  1. says

    What a lovely project. I think these pops of red would look so pretty on our mantel or as a centerpiece on our kitchen table. Great way to use paper cupcake liners.

  2. says

    These are so cute! I’m glad you liked my baking paper garland (thanks for linking to it). I still have lots of liners left so I might have to try making these trees!

  3. says

    Really effective! What a great idea, and you can get some beautiful metallic cupcake holders too – I can see loads of possibilities with this. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. says

    What a pretty & simple idea! I can’t get hold of the polystyrene cone so I’m re purposing a cereal box & making a card cone! I’m hoping it works out as well, I’ll use a glue stick (or tape) instead of pins!

  5. says

    Your trees are beautiful! I’m going to look for some cute cupcake liners too – there are so many pretty ones nowadays, aren’t there? I’ve got this linked to my Christmas trees post too today, it’s a little roundup of tree ideas!

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