Cupcake Liners

Cupcake liners are our weakness! We can’t resist buying them whenever we see new colours/designs. Whenever we go travelling we seek out baking supply stores and supermarkets to find more for our collection. We had a field day in Japan – so many cute styles available.

The only problem is that they are difficult to store and they were taking over our pantry. I love the pretty way that Anna has stored hers, but we have too many for this type of storage.

I recently purchased a Labelmaker and have been going through our home, one cupboard at a time sorting and organising. The pantry has got my full attention this week, and we now have organised cupcake liner storage.

I purchased some white plastic baskets and some stackable wire coated shelves to make better use of the top pantry shelf. The cupcake liners were then sorted according to size – muffin, mini muffin, friand, chocolate cases, icecream cups etc. I also put all of our sprinkles, cachous, and sanding sugars in one basket.

In an adjacent cupboard I put the cookie cutters, icing bags, nozzles, icing colours etc.

Now that everything is better organised I feel more inspired to get back into some baking and decorating.

Do you have any tips for sorting/organising baking supplies?

Pantry 2,jpg


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  1. says

    Oh how I loooooooove my label maker! My kids tease me about how much I love it by labelling everything in sight. (Like themselves and the clock) But I find having everything labelled to be so helpful. I even label the shelf with what goes where which makes it easier for everyone else to put things away!

  2. says

    OhMyGosh — your pantry looks fabulous! It’s funny — I have the opposite problem as you — I have too much stuff in my pantry to make it look nice. Your cupcake storage is perfect! The other problem with my method is all the different colors of liners don’t match my kitchen colors. I’m still working on that one and ignoring it for now LOL.

  3. rachel says

    Such a satisfying project to have completed. Please send your pictures to Martha Stewart. She’ll love what you’ve done and she’s a great fan of labelmakers.

  4. says

    I write a date purchased on top of my spices when I buy them so I know which ones to use first. I’m sure to have more than one of each. Then I know when to toss them out as well. I bought clear bottles from world market for some spices and used a label maker to label the bottles so I could put my favorites in those. They fit nicely in a wire rack, and look great in my cupboard where they are safe from sunlight. I love to buy a huge package of baking soda for cleaning my stainless steel sink, and everything else, but the smallest one possible for cooking so that it is always the freshest.

  5. says

    Storage is such a hot commodity in my kitchen and house. I have too much stuff crammed in my pantry and every little nook and cranny is packed with stuff.

    Yours looks awesome!

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