Almond Praline Madeleines

We were first introduced to Madeleines during our year spent living in Paris. They are delicious little sponge cakes, baked in a special baking pan, to create distinctive shells. They are light and delicate, and it is very difficult to stop at one!
Sarah found a new Madeleine recipe for Almond Praline Madeleines over at Technicolour Kitchen. She baked up a batch last weekend and they were delicious. Madeleines freeze well, so we have plenty for our morning tea.
First up, she made the Almond Praline, then popped it in the food processor until finely ground. This was then folded into the mixture when making the madeleines. The almond praline gives them a lovely texture and flavour.You can find the recipe here.
If you enjoy Madeleines as much as we do, you must try this lovely recipe.

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