A Spoonful of Sugar is Now on Etsy

I am very excited to announce that I have finally opened an etsy store to sell some of my designs as pdf sewing patterns. The first pattern I am launching is for a Peanut Pillow. You may recall that I mentioned it here. I made up a batch at Christmas time and we used them on our long flight to Shanghai a few weeks ago- they provided us with great neck support and were so much better than those airline pillows.

Here is a peak at the pattern:)

The patterns are in pdf format and will be emailed to buyers usually within a few hours (depending on your time zone) and certainly within 24 hours. I am new to etsy so hope everything goes smoothly (fingers crossed!)

Thanks to my sweet husband who used his great computer design skills to draft the pattern template. 

I have a number of other patterns in progress. Hope to be adding to my store soon.

You can find A Spoonful of Sugar on etsy here.

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    Nice to see an oldie but a goodie re created. My mum used to make these back in the early 80’s and sold heaps of them. We always had one or two in the car. I am sure they were fabulous for flying comfort.

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    Lisa honey, can i also give you another tip – these are brilliant for patients going through chemotherapy who need to wedge their arm, boob, bottom, back, anything for a little comfort. I know it sounds a bit strange but i make them for a local hospital in Canberra, they are just a great little aid to those who just need not suffer one more inconvenience. Gorgeous work, congratulations, love Posie

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