Easy Valentine

Nothing says Valentines Day quite like hearts, flowers, and chocolates. Now you can combine all three in this easy Valentine project. These quick to make Valentines would be perfect to give out to your child’s class mates.

The Easy Valentine uses a balloon stick with cup attachment (the kind that non helium balloons are attached to). The balloon cup is a nice base for the chocolate to sit on.

Supplies (for each Valentine)
  • chocolate heart  
  • clear cellophane measuring 4 x 4 inches
  • printed cellophane measuring 6 x 6 inches
  • pink tulle measuring 6 x 6 inches
  • balloon stick with cup (they are readily available from ebay or a party supply store)
  • clear cello tape
  • printed washi masking tape
1. Position the chocolate on the balloon cup so that it is centred. Cover it with a clear square of cellophane, and twist the cellophane around the balloon stick and hold it in place with some clear cello tape.
2. Layer the tulle on top of the printed cellophane square. Fold the cellophane in half so that it is off centre – refer to photograph below. (The cellophane and tulle were tricky to photograph so I have used a square of origami paper as a guide).
3. Wrap the folded cellophane around the chocolate, and adhere with a small piece of washi tape at the base and where the cellophane overlaps.

4. Et Voilà! You could also add a label/tag to the stick with a Valentines message.

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