Christmas Candy Buffet

There is nothing quite like having a selection of candy available that adds a sweet and colourful touch to your decorating. I have used Christmas candy in my decorating over the past few years. This year I wanted to create more of a buffet style display – the trick will be making sure the teens don’t consume the decorations before Christmas Day! (I think the levels in the jars have already gone down….)

The best thing about the Christmas Candy buffet, which I set up on our hall table, is that apart from purchasing the candy, I simply used glass jars, cake plates, and items I already had on hand. It is surprising what you can assemble after raiding your kitchen cupboards.  I positioned some jars on upturned dishes and on cake stands to create more height.

The Felt Wreath is the one I made for Homespun, Christmas in July Issue. Even though it doesn’t match my red, aqua, and white colour scheme, I wanted to use it in this years decorating. I added some marshmallows in pink and white to my apothecary jar to co-ordinate with the wreath.

The sweet bunting was made using a free printable over at Allsorts.

Turquoise table runner was made a few years ago for a local magazine. It was made out of voile, with lengths of white, silver, and aqua ribbons stitched along each end,and finished it off with a silver tassel.

I wrapped some chocolates with scrap booking paper and wrapping paper offcuts to match.

I even had the perfect red and white paper straws and lolly bags in my stash.

At least part of my decorating has now been done. Life is Sweet!

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  1. says

    It is so pretty, no doubt about it, but I am so glad I don’t have one of these in my house this year. And it’s not the children who would cause all the problems, it’s me. I’m with Susan, far to tempting!! (I really love the paper bunting held up with the washi tape – so cute and thankfully inedible).

  2. says

    What a beautiful setting! And to think, there’s lots of delicious candy in there too. You’re so good at adding just the right amount of details. It would be hard to resist that display if it were in our house.

  3. says

    You certainly have an eye for putting together the beautiful and enticing! Thanks for inspiring me, Lisa.

    I’m certain my teens would be beside themselves if I set up something like this. I best not let them see this. ;o)

  4. says

    What a sweet idea! My grandmother always had a ‘candy buffet’ {I never thought of it that way before, but that’s what it was] set up on a hall table. Visitors, especially children, were encouraged to fill a little bag before leaving. At Christmas she added homemade goodies like fudge, date balls, etc. and also special Christmas treats like ribbon candy.

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