Ribbon Lanyard

Lanyard and FobHigh school is certainly more technology based these days. Laptops, Graphics Calculators, Computers etc all make learning easier (not to mention more expensive for parents!). USB Flash drives are a common booklist item and they can be easily lost/misplaced as the kids go from class to class around the school. One way of making them easier to locate in the school backpack or pencil case, is by creating a brightly coloured lanyard to attach them to.

My husband is often going to conferences and always gives me the items he picks up while he is there – he knows we love to re-purpose in our crafting!  A lanyard or key fob can be easily made by using the hardware on an existing lanyard. (They can also be purchased cheaply from stores such as Office Works).

Conference Lanyards

What you need:

Ribbon can be a bit flimsy for a lanyard, so I stitched it to some coordinating twill tape.
Stitch Ribbon

I removed the hardware from the existing lanyard (i.e. swivel clip), and then stitched the ribbon tape in place. You can make them any size you want – either a lanyard to wear around your neck or a smaller key fob size.

They are perfect for holding a USB flash drive, keys, or ID card.


You can find the ribbon at Ribbons Galore. Sarah wants to make some more of these in the school holidays – they are a great teen craft.

Small Fob

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    Dear Lisa, thanks for all your precious comments about my work. You have been one of my greatest inspirations, be sure of that!!
    Love, Bela

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    I can attest to that having gone back to school this year. 2 of the boys in my class lost all their photographs on misplaced USBs. Another great idea by you.

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    Instead of covering the name of the sponsor, I cut pieces from different lanyards and sewn them on a piece of fabric to make coasters. I made three coasters with lanyards from scientific conferences for 3 professors I am working with; I’ll give the coasters to them next month as my thank-you gift when I leave my current job (moving to SoCal).

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    That is such a great idea! I only had one old lanyard – can’t remember what I used the strap for but it was an out of sight thing because it wasn’t pretty! If only I’d known!!!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

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